Qualification Conditions – Registrations

Registrations for the World Championship classes OB3, IGP3, IGP-FH are submitted exclusively by the performance department of the participating country. By the registration deadline on August 15, 2024, the nominated World Championship starters (per country in the World Championship class 2 starters) must be bindingly registered.

After these entries, 1 starter can be registered per country in the highest level. If there are enough starting places, further starters can be registered in the highest level. If there are still free starting places available, starters per country can be registered for the class competitions OB2 and IGP2. If further starting places are available after that, further starters can be registered for OB 1 and IGP 1. If there are more starters than there are starting places, the ‚lottery procedure‘ will decide. These reports are made exclusively via the performance departments of the federal states!

After the registration deadline and after the starters have been nominated, the registration in CANIVA will be released for the allocated starting places. 

Dog handlers who are interested in starting at the World Championships, please contact their performance department/training supervisor of the state in good time so that they can inform us of the expected number of starters in the desired classes by July 15th 2024.

For the international tournaments IFH-V, IFH-1, BGH3 you can now register directly in CANIVA. Registration deadline is August 15th 2024 or as soon as the highest number of participants is reached.

Fees: IHF-V and IBGH 3: 45,- €, all other classes: 65,- €